Some of The people I associate with can be so pretentious. I’m just happy being me. I don’t think I have enough energy, or the desire, to keep up with people that don’t make me happy to be around them. Too bad for them, I guess.

So what? You failed your finals. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.

The last 9 or so months of my life have been real hard. Ive made up my mind: I’m not going to off myself. Ill be good. Shit gets better. Life goes on.

Fuck yeah.


Owl and skull sketch completed! All the pictures were unfortunately shot with different light sources, so they look a bit weird at times.

Enjoy and reblog ;)

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omfg so today I saw a man and a woman holding hands in public, i mean i don’t have anything against heterosexuality but don’t flaunt it in front of me, think of the kids omfg

I don’t have anything against it either. I really don’t. My best friend is straight, but like, keep it in the bedroom you know?

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