I don’t ever really want to acknowledge another birthday again.
I feel old and sad.


Wow this dude is a whiny little asshole today.
Not in a good mood.
Fucking whatever.

Just want to cry.
Worst month ever.
I hope everything gets Better, though there’s nothing I can even do to help.
If I prayed, this would be the time I would do it.

Wow. Anxiety. Because of a picture. Because of my insecurities.
I’m a million miles away and you’re not picking up the phone.



Shakespeare’s Deaths and Murders infographic, by Caitlin Griffin at Drown My Books.

This was sent to me this afternoon by my former English Lit. tutor. File under: classroom wall displays. 

I was always told that a Shakespearean tragedy basically boils down to “Everyone stab the person to your left.” This is a little more precise.

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I think it’s so fake how some pants have pockets that are sewn shut like be real with me don’t pretend to be something you’re not

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